Auckland, New Zealand. Logo competition for new city.

The new Auckland City Council is looking for a logo to "...reflect the diversity and excitement of the greater Auckland area" and to "... represent the entire region."

Since seasonally adjusted CO2 is now around 389ppm the ice will continue to continue to melt until its all gone, and in the absence of any viable energy source for humans to pull it down to pre-industrial levels of around 275ppm by doing Work with some Clever Machine, the CO2 levels will only decline by natural processes, in geological time frames.


In the mean time the ice will continue to melt, and the seas will continue to rise.

So I submitted my logo concept to the competition with the following note:

"I am a citizen who is vitally concerned about the response of the new city's controlling powers to the threat of climate change.

In particular; melting of ice sheets will continue until all that remains of Auckland is the string of islands bounded by the proposed city boundaries, as depicted in my logo entry.

Everything that is done, every dollar of citizen's money that is spent must be directed to attending to this inevitability to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of the people who reside in Auckland now, and in the future."