80m Sea Rise - Maps for North America

Using Google Maps and the Sea Level Rise applet, the following maps show 80 metres of sea level rise.

Areas shaded red are those areas inundated.

North East USA and Canada

South East USA
South West USA
North West USA and Canada

I strongly recommend you check with your local maps to review the location of the 80 metre contour in your area of interest.


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  2. Why do people think that "Global Warming" is man-made? Are those people not aware that the Earth has had several climate changes in its lifetime? There is an Ice Age, then Global Warming occurs. Then, Global cooling occurs until you have another Ice Age, and the process starts over.

    Some people are just too gullible!

    1. People in General think what they are Told to think by Mainstream Media. Why? Because it keeps their lives simple when all of the work is done for them and all they need do is plop down in front of the Govt approved announcer telling his govt approved story line so the people can all sleep nights and be productive the next day. Why does the Government want people to believe in CO2 and Man made global warming?? Because there is Money to be made of course... CO2 tax on manufactured goods, increased taxes on all Industries.. Pollution credits will be a past tense term and the New paradigm will be Carbon Tax credits which will of course become trade commodities between industries. If there were no Money to be made they would tell the truth , but the Truth is what they SAY it is!! Too many people are far too comfortable and they just want to stay comfortable in their little bubble. This is why when there is Bad news coming they ease people into it slowly as a general rule....Have to get these comfortable sheep to get used to the idea of change....Welcome to Pyschopolitics..What is Psychopolitics you ask? Well, It is the mind control used by your government to get you to believe whatever they want you to believe....Like the Outer Limits, they control the horizontal, the vertical and the Sounds coming from your BOOB TUBE!!! :)

    2. I'm wondering if what we are looking might be the result of a geographic pole shift that would cause the melting of the polar ice caps.

    3. You can lead a human to knowledge but you cannot make them think. Probably cannot understand what this guy is talking about, but it is pretty simple from my point of view but maybe way over your head, but this guy explains why here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgh3Obf4LeA

    4. I know you may be unable to understand this talk, but I thought he did a real good job of explaining, and I could easily understand it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgh3Obf4LeA. Of course I do have a master's degree and work as a software developer. Maybe you need to realize you just do not have the ability to understand science and listen to those that do instead of all the other science idiots.

    5. We're not coming out of an ice age

    6. Sounds like you know everything you need to know. I'm amazed by your simple logic. It must be correct.

    7. Geologists have been able to accurately estimate the level of co2 in our atmosphere by drilling Antarctic ice cores that are as old as 100 million years. They can find the actual co2 level of the atmosphere in the bubbles frozen in the ancient cores.
      Meteorologists have been able to accurately estimate the average temperature of Earth over the last 100 million years. They use coral and shellfish fossils that grow in Waters of certain temperatures and in essence are natural anctientthermometers.
      Two graphs are then created. One of the Earth's average temperature over the last 100 million years. One of the CO2 atmospheric level for the last 100 million years.
      The two graphs are basically identical co2 level rise corresponds with temperature rise.
      Then the compare the highest known levels of Co2 compared to our current atmospheric Co2 level. The Level today is 20-30%higher than anything on the 100million year graph.
      This is what makes global warming a fact, and links it to Human fossil fuel burning

    8. Also this happened over only a century which is basically no time at all.

    9. The changes we have seen since 1900 do mimic changes that would occur naturally...but over tens of thousands of years based on the geological records that scientists have painstakingly compiled over the last few decades.

  3. Hi Jason!

    Good to see you visiting sites like these so you can find your own 'truth' in these interesting times.

    Please keep an open mind and keep on studying so you can find the information that resonates best with you and thus prepare yourself and your family for the 'interesting' times ahead.



  4. According to the "Year vs Sea Level Chart", we have plenty of time to get our affairs in order. What conditions could accelerate the 80 meter mark to say 2040?

  5. Hi Anon!
    Not so much time, really. All it will take is one to two metres to close every port in the world, and disrupt many coastal highways. It will also displace millions of people, who will want to live at your place.

    To get 80 metres requires the melt of most of the ice sheets and glaciers which - even with say +10 degrees above present day temperatures - would take several hundred years.

    But between one and five metres by 2100 is much more likely. The melt is occurring slowly at first - we've seen about 180 mm so far over the last 100 years. By 2040 if we see even another 100 mm we will be in for 2 to 5 metres by the time your grand children are old folks.

    So best to make arrangements and live like its going to happen to set those grandchildren a sensible example. Take care!


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