Global CO2 level for May 389.88ppm, trend 388.23ppm.

The Month of May saw CO2 at 389.88ppm, with the annual trend at 388.23ppm. Another good month for increase in CO2. Sigh!


Let us assume that we will see at least 4 [metres], and plan accordingly

Three great articles by Orlov and Friends. Please read them and ponder a while:-

"...If the latest forecast is for 2 metres this century, let us assume that we will see at least 4, and plan accordingly.

But do the exact forecasts even matter? We already know enough to say that there is a high probability that ocean levels will rise, significantly, within the lifetimes of most of the people alive today, disrupting the patterns of daily life for much of the world's population, which tends to be clustered along the coastlines and the navigable waterways. We also know that ocean levels will continue to rise far into the future, until they are 20 to 36 metres higher than they are today. We know that continuous coastal erosion and salt water inundation, coastal flooding and displacement of coastal populations, which number in the billions, toward higher ground, will be normal and expected. We also know that there is a high chance these changes will occur based on present carbon dioxide levels, regardless of what is being currently proposed by the governments of the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions..."

"...Our worst-case scenario is that our worst-case scenario is going to continue getting worse and worse..."