80m Sea Rise - Maps for Caribbean and South America

Using Google Maps and the Sea Level Rise applet, the following maps show 80 metres of sea level rise.

Areas shaded red are those areas inundated.

Central America

Caribbean Islands

South America

Amazon Basin

Buenos Aires

I strongly recommend you check with your local maps to review the location of the 80 metre contour in your area of interest.


  1. interesting and informative. very good.

  2. Yes, very informative, and interesting, nice maps thanks, if only people cared about the world they are going to leave one day, people dont want to sacrifice for tomorrow generation. Its always a good thing to plan, like on vacation, try doing things that are a little more eco friendly, like here, http://caribbean-guide.info/activities/diving.and.snorkeling/
    I love diving, its a great way to see new things, and if the shore lines continue to rise, it may be an everyday occurrence for the majority of people! haha!

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