80m Sea Rise - Maps for Europe, Great Britain and Ireland.

Using Google Maps and the Sea Level Rise applet, the following maps show the impact of 80 metres of sea level rise on Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. Sorry.

Northern Europe - The Lowlands, Northern Germany and Denmark.

Western Europe

Southern Europe - France and Italy

Great Britain and Ireland

I strongly recommend you check with your local maps to review the location of the 80 metre contour in your area of interest.


  1. This is very insightful information. Thank you for posting it.

    The flip side of this is at http://www.global-warming-forecasts.com/water-supply-shortage-water-scarcity-climate.php

    The flop side of this is ocean acidification. More water but oh, how acidic http://www.order-salmon.com/salmon-global-warming-salmon-climate-change.php


  2. That is fascinating how could I get a copy of the UK and Europe maps to look at more closely as I do not have your computer skills. :-))