80m Sea Rise - Maps for New Zealand

Using Google Maps and the Sea Level Rise applet, the following maps show 80 metres of sea level rise.

Areas shaded red are those areas inundated.

North Island

South Island

Auckland Area
Hawkes Bay
Nelson Blenheim
West Coast

I strongly recommend you check with your local maps to review the location of the 80 metre contour in your area of interest.


  1. What is the Sea Level Rise applet and where can I get it? Thanks!

  2. On Google Maps,

    Click on My Maps

    Then the Browse The Directory button takes you to the Directory.

    Then in the Google Maps search box enter Sea Level, and hit the Search Google Maps Content line. You will see:

    Sea Level Rise
    Michael Kosowsky

    That lets you enter any level you like, and display up to three levels in different colours.


  3. There is no more Browse the Directory button. Where can I go to see the full world map of an 80m sea level rise?

  4. Your graph of predicted sea level is a joke right? Did you just grasp figures out of the air? You have predicted a 5m sea level rise in 100yrs if we break that down to 10yr lots thats half a meter every decade or a 250mm every 5yr maybe you should double check you "facts"

    1. Check out Hansen et al. The trick is that the initial flush of sea level rise will see exponential growth in the rate as increased sea levels destabilise increasing lengths of coastal glacier ends. So we have had 300 mm last century and rates ARE increasing near exponentially today. So 5 metres by 2100 is far from impossible, and (in my view) a very sensible planning horizon.

      Note too, of course, that what ever sea level rise we get by 2100 will be just the tip of the iceberg (to use an unfortunate metaphor!) - just plot the points 1900=0 m, 2000=0.3 m, 2100=5 m and see how 2200 and 2300 look with say a 2-order polynomial trend line. Hint 2200=14 m, 2300=27 m.

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