The First Sign Erected

On 2nd August 2009 I put together the first High Tide sign, and screwed it to a tree at my gate, clearly visible from the road.

The sign was produced by a print-shop enlarging the A4-sized notice to metric A0 size on paper, then laminating it to make it weather-proof. I then screwed it to an 1200mm x 800mm bit of plywood which was screwed to the tree. That is a nice readily read sign and will do well for road-side installations.

As usual one gets around to doing these things last thing Sunday afternoon, so the first pix is just after dark!

But it looks pretty good too by the light of day.

The view in the distance is of the rolling country north of Albany, Auckland. Incredible to think of all that going under water.

Looking forward to hearing of more signs!

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