A Good Hard Look at the Science of Climate Change

The Economist in a leader:

and article:

published in March 2010 has had come out with a very balanced view of the current state of the way the science about climate change is done. Well worth a read.

In its final paragraph the article says:
"The fact that the uncertainties allow you to construct a relatively benign future does not allow you to ignore futures in which climate change is large, and in some of which it is very dangerous indeed. The doubters are right that uncertainties are rife in climate science. They are wrong when they present that as a reason for inaction. "

The leader concludes:

"With climate change you do not need to invent things; the truth, even with all those uncertainties and caveats, is scary enough."

and still...
Seasonally corrected March 2010 level of CO2 = 389.44ppm, and rising....

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