The only number that matters...

My reason for hammering on about the two perils of sea level rise and resource depletion is that these will impose enormous demands on society to cope with - not the least being replacing coastal area's food production and the relocation of living places and critical infrastructure and production capacity to high ground. But as part of the attacking pincer movement we are exposing ourselves to, right when we need to start the biggest building effort the world has ever seen to get away from the coast we are running out of our primary energy source for construction.

Thus we only have a very short window of time (maybe 20 to 50 years at the most) to rebuild the fabric of our coastal civilisation someplace else before we run out of the energy we need to do that. And since we only have the time and resources to do this once. ONCE. Then we must do it where it will be SAFE from whatever is coming.

The level of the ocean at your place or mine in 2100 is irrelevant - it is just a marker on a journey to the finished level of +80 metres.

Eightly (80) metres of sea level rise is coming. We know this. This is the only number that matters. So we have a duty to only expend our diminishing resources ABOVE that level, or else with good cause our names will go down in infamy with our children and our grandchildren, 'yea unto the n-th generation'.

The simple point is that WE KNOW THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN sooner or later. To pretend anything else is to deny our children what ever small chance at survival we can give them.

I want to be able to look my grandchildren in their eyes, and say "I knew, and I tried."


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