A sign!


  1. Hi Nigel,

    I like this sign and I like the idea. Can we put the signs up on Oct 23 so that people will see them when they wake on the 24th? I would be very happy to help.

    Also, it would be great to get 350 of these signs, stand them all up in one place for a single photo to broadcast to politicians. We could have everyone in the team be part of the photo. Perhaps we could put the signs up on Mt Hobson Domain so that cars on the motorway will see them during rush hour on the Friday evening.

  2. Hi Rob!

    Great! The more the merrier. I'm working on an economical way to produce the signs, bearing in mind that it will rain on them etc.

    I like the 350 signs idea, even 35 would do as a starter.

    If we can line people up along some obvious roadside or public place that would be hot.

    Minor challenge with Mt Hobson is that its base and the adjacent motorway is at about 80m so those signs will be dated at the far end of the time scale (way past 3000AD), but relevant none the less.