Greenland - a turning point by around 2040.


Berlingske Tidende
Friday 7 January 2011, 03:53
'Even if we turned off all power stations and threw the keys to our car away, we would probably be unable to put a stop to it.
'No matter how much we turn down the CO2-burner, Greenland will still reach a significantturning point by around 2040, writes Berlingske Tidende.
'Subsequently, the melting of the island's enormous quantities of ice will continue and continue and in principle not stop until most of the ice is gone.
"It is a very troubling result, because it shows that the melting can go much stronger than we usually imagine," says one of the article's authors, Jens Hesselberg Christensen,Berlingske Tidende.
'...A total meltdown of the ice cap will have the world's oceans to rise with six to seven meters.

2040.  Say no more!

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